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How to - Chainsaw Safety Features

How to - Chainsaw safety features

Stay safe with your chainsaw. This film takes you through some important safety features that appear on all good chainsaws.
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How to - Start your petrol chainsaw

How to - Start your petrol chainsaw

A short video to help you get your chainsaw started easily and safely.
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How to - Avoid Kickback whilst using a chainsaw.

How to - Avoid kickback whilst using a chainsaw

Kickback is when a chainsaw is propelled back at the user. you need to understand what makes it happen to avoid it. This film explains that so you can stay safe.
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NEW - Universal Leather Chainsaw Protective Boots

Regularly use a chainsaw? See why you need a pair of our NEW comfortable and durable leather boots with chainsaw protection. Stay Protected with UNIVERSAL Parts & Accessories - Powered by McCulloch.
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How to - Adjust the chain tension on your chainsaw.

How to - Adjust the chain tension on your chainsaw

Its important to achieve the correct tension for your chainsaw chain to safely cut and get the best performance. Always refer to your saws user manual but you can use this video is a general guide.
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NEW - Universal Combican

The new Combican from UNIVERSAL Powered by McCulloch compliments your petrol saw perfectly. With storage for 3l Petrol / 2 Stroke Oil mix in one side and 1.5l Chain Oil in the other, you can work away from your base for extended periods of time. Refuelling and oiling wherever and whenever needed. Convenient size and clever features make this an excellent all round can.
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ENG How to mount the trimmer head or cutting blade

How to - Mount the trimmer head or cutting blade

Easy-to-understand DIY tips on how to mount a trimmer head and cutting blade on your McCulloch trimmer. These instructions refer to models B28 and B40 Elite.
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Tractor attachments

Make your McCulloch tractor useful all year round with attachments such as the moss rake, the scarifier, the spreader, the collector, the roller, the gravel harrow, and the trailer.
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How to - Maintain and service your petrol lawn mower

It's important to perform regular maintenance on your lawn mower. This short video shows you how to change the oil, spark plug and air filter.

Transcript of the "How to" video

A regular exchange of oil prolongs the life of your lawn mowers engine. We recommend that you change the oil every twenty-fifth hour of use or annually.

Among our range of lawn mower accessories is an original maintenance kit, including an oil syringe.

Let the engine idle for a few minutes, so that the oil becomes warm and liquid.

Disconnect the spark plug lead. The drain plug is located underneath the engine, but it is much easier to empty the oil through the filler hole using the oil syringe.

Remember that old engine oil is a hazardous waste and should be handled and disposed of accordingly. We recommend that you use our customised oil which is adapted to engine specifications, for both quality and volumes.

When checking the oil level, ensure that the dipstick goes all the way down to the bottom of the crankcase.

The crankcase should always be filled with oil, up to the full mark on the dipstick.

Check the condition of the air filter at regular intervals. It is usually sufficient to just blow this clean, however if it is very dirty it must be replaced.

Now there is only one thing left to do to - check the spark plug.

Always use the recommended spark plug to factory specifications.

Insert the spark plug carefully by hand into the cylinder threads as far as possible, and then tighten fully using a box spanner.

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