How to - Replace nylon string on your grass trimmer

This quick and easy to follow 'how to' video clearly explains the basic principle in how to replace the nylon string on your grass strimmer.

Transcript of the "How to" video

This is how you replace the Nylon online in your grass trimmer.

Remove the real. The real has a symbol indicating the direction of rewinding. Find the middle part of your line.

Secure the nylon line using the slot in the real. Fasten both ends at the line by winding them in the same direction.

Fasten the line end on the edge of the real, which makes it easier to replace the real in the lid.

Place the trimming line ends in the hole in the lid.

The real is now ready to be reassembled. 

If the line ends are too long, just cut them to the desired length with a pair of scissors.

Complete replacement reels with string are available from Universal for most trimmer brands and models .

Move the line ends to the hole in the lid. The real is now ready to be reassembled.

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