How to sharpen your chainsaw chain

Easy-to-understand DIY tips on how to sharpen your chainsaw chain using the Universal chain sharpening kit.

Transcript of the 'How to' video

A sharp chainsaw chain makes your work easier and safer. Our chain filed kits contain everything you need - files, handle and guides.

Ensure that your chainsaw is fixed in a safe position, and that the chain brake is engaged. The arrows on the template should point in the direction of the bar. Mount this on one of the chain cutting edges.

Mark the chain where you started from, so that you will know when you have sharpened all the chain cutters. Always start with the worse cutting-edge.

It is important that you keep the file positioned vertically above the template. To achieve the correct sharpening angle always use the file by pushing it forwards and rotating it. Count the number of times you have sharpened each cutting edge before you're satisfied with the results. Then use the same number of sharpening movements throughout.

Continue sharpening the chain, skipping every other cutting-edge. Then turn the chainsaw over and sharpen in the remaining cutting edges.

You must also remember to sharpen the depth gauges. Replace the file in the handle with the flat file then position the template like this, applying an even filing movement.

When the cutting edges have become worn and are less than four millimetres, the chain should be replaced. Always check the tension of the chain when refuelling your chainsaw.

If the chainsaw chain is too slack, there is a risk that it can come loose and disengage

ENG How to sharpen the chain of your chainsaw